Winston Churchill and Emotional Intelligence

2012 by Garza

I’m a fan of a blog called Letters of Note (, which has archived an impressive collection of interesting letters and other correspondence written by and to a host of fascinating public figures. A few days ago I came across a letter that Winston Churchill’s wife wrote her husband soon after he became Britain’s Prime Minister in 1940. Clementine Churchill’s letter is wonderful example of how a deficit in emotional intelligence can play out on an important world stage. It also illustrates speaking truth to power in a courageous and respectful way. I shared the Churchill letter with my community of Georgetown Leadership Coaching alumni, and it was picked up this week by a blog sponsored by the leadership coaching firm ThreeJoy Associates. Look for the September 4, 2012 posting at if you want to check it out. It’s an apt follow up to our recent posts about Steve Jobs and his own emotional intelligence challenges.