We offer our services to a diverse mix of businesses, individuals and providers of professional services, including hospitals and other healthcare providers, healthcare educators, law, accounting and other professional service firms, banks and financial holding companies, and other enterprises. We also serve individuals, church groups and the non-profit community.

Featuring The Daring Way™ by Brené Brown (Frances)

As an ICF credentialed leadership coach, Frances became interested in the work of Dr. Brené Brown when she was introduced to Dr. Brown’s first talk on vulnerability (view this talk at

Upon hearing Dr. Brown speak in person, Frances was further intrigued and engaged. She went on to study in Texas with Dr. Brown’s Daring Way™ LLC, and became a Certified Daring Way Facilitator™ in 2014.

Today, Frances facilitates The Daring Way™ 14-hour workshops to a wide range of age groups and cultures.

The Daring Way™ methodology helps participants broaden and deepen their confidence and leadership capabilities. Whether you are a CEO, the leader of a volunteer group, or a teenager who stands up to a bully – All ages, backgrounds and personalities may benefit from The Daring Way™ leadership workshop.

Hands-On Health Care Professionals and Administrators

  • Nurses, therapists and medical supervisors
  • Practice managers
  • Physicians
  • Hospital administrators, medical office administrators and HR professionals
  • Nursing school administration and faculty

The obstacles faced by healthcare professionals today have never been more daunting. Check out the lists of the industry’s biggest challenges for the future, and you will find them dominated by issues of government, politics, insurance companies and cost savings. It is no surprise that submerged in this sea of complexity, doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals can only faintly hear the call to healing that inspired them to their profession. The pressure on the administration and faculty of learning institutions to supply the healthcare industry with qualified professionals is severe. Baldwin Davis Group can support you in this environment, helping you to manage up, down and across your organization and, just as important, to build your capacity to manage yourself. All with a view to helping you experience more consistently the joy of healing and educating.

Lawyers, Accountants and Other Professional Service Providers and their Firms

  • Partners and associates
  • Practice group leaders
  • Management committee members
  • Firm and office administrators and HR professionals

Law, accounting and other professional service firms everywhere are navigating a highly competitive post-recession environment. For many professionals, leading a firm or a practice group through complex challenges, or even being proactive about one’s own career, requires skills that the daily practice of the profession does not teach. Is your organization’s strategy for winning the war for talent focused on investing in new talent rather than fostering the development of the talent you have? Have you been promoted into a leadership position for which you feel unprepared? Do you lead a management committee or a practice group that lacks cohesion or direction? Are you struggling to envision a direction for your career? Do you need support in navigating the complexities of your firm or organization? Baldwin Davis Group offers support for the leadership challenges that professional service firms and their members must overcome to thrive in today’s environment.

Leaders of Businesses and Other Organizations

  • C-level management
  • Middle management
  • Team leaders and supervisors
  • HR professionals

Leaders of most organizations are asked to be successful in a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace. Fundamental change that once took generations to unfold is now occurring over a few months or years. In this environment, leaders often struggle to develop and execute on organizational goals while honoring the demands that life places upon them. They may need support in developing high performing teams, addressing derailing behaviors, or transitioning into a new position with greater responsibilities. Through one-on-one coaching or, in a team setting, applying principles of teamwork and organizational health developed by Patrick Lencioni, Baldwin Davis Group can help leaders discover and utilize the resources they need to make their organizations succeed.